The Artificial Stone

Year 2018.

Artificial life - treasure and fame. The forms of the objects reference Chinese scholars' rocks, also known as rare stones or viewing stones. These sculptural rocks are usually naturally occurring and prized for their resemblance to mountainous landscapes or figures, awkward asymmetry, or rare textured. The stones are normally displayed on specially carved wood pedestal. I want to play with this interesting treasure and make a redesign of this traditional object, display a set of artificially-humanmade crystal in an industrial aesthetic yet keep the material quality.

I chose to work with glass because of its commensurable quality to the mineral stones, the beauty of its magical transparency and reflexibility, you can see the spectrum or the bubble formations in it, and the ability of perfect edge definition, it really excites me when a material can be so industrial-looking but very craft-demanded in the same time.

The objects with bright colors and plastic like appearance are made from solid cast glass with glass cutting refinement and the metal-looking stages are100% handblown glass with a silvering layer.

The work was exhibited with show “Colors of Transparency” in London Design Fair in 2018