The Drops

Year 2020.

Production HG Atelier.

The Drops is a lighting sculpture we designed for a newly reopened luxury wellness Balance Club Blumlovka located in Prague city in Czech Republic. It is inspired by drops of water stopped in time – an object presenting the very essence of a spa. We managed to capture the fleeting moment of the water drops with the liquid-like phenomenon of the glass material. The fascinating capability of the glass material together with the perfect transmission of light within, fulfilled our ideas and transferred our vision into the sculpture. By using a special technique, we enclosed random bubbles in each crystal drop as if each of the sparkling drops bears a unique handwriting of this very historical glass blowing technology.

Coupled with the water-like reflective polished stainless steel for the construction and as a part of the sculpture, the surface also echoes the calm waves of the surrounding and the shinning glass drops.