Year 2020.

Production HG Atelier.

Where there is water, there is LIFE. A lighting design I developed early this year for a newly built ski cabin.

Grew up in a subtropical island in Asia Taiwan surrounded by ocean with a humid environment, “water” has always been a very essence of my life in many forms. After moving to Czech Republic, the freezing season reshaped the idea of fluid water, incorporated with the physical phenomenon of glass material, one moment liquid, the next solid, inspired me to create this series of glass lighting.

Combining both essential elements of life/live - light and water, I want to give the lighting a symbolic story - "Where there is water, there is LIFE".

Liquid lighting evokes a sense of hypnotic motion of flowing water with its breathtaking visual effect, like a drip of water drop, magical and delightful. By looking at the lighting, you can feel a piece of nature at home; enjoying the sunny days shimmering water or the frozen drips on the dimming hills anytime you want.