Pearl Earring

Year 2020.

Production HG Atelier.

A glowing pearl, a full moon that can shine alone in the dark ocean, a symbol of purity and youthful love. According to the legend, pearls are the tears of the goddess Luna, and the tears are bred from the mother shell, which has the meaning of gentle protection.

Maybe one of the noblest gems in human history, it is not only a jewelry, but also a symbol of classic elegance, full of myths and romantic stories of the ancient world.

The Pearl Earring is an artistic lighting sculpture constructed following the principles of an earring. The piece lay gracefully and delicately, creating an ever-lasting elegant and luxurious atmosphere to the space they occupy. Awakening the emotions of beauty and goddess in a romantic posture, turn in to a gorgeous jewel for the most marvelous interiors.

The Pearl Earring lamp embrace the appreciation of imperfection of the handmade glass ball; it is composed with a hand-blown white glass, and the handcrafted metal fitting.

Pearl Earring lamp subverts the general standing form of a table lamp, with a lying position as an artistic form, adds a sense of romance and playfulness.